Chain of turquoises with Precious Crown charm. Gold and turquoises

Price: USD 1490

The chain with the Precious Crown charm is inspired by the Precious Crown from the image of Our Lady of Fátima of the Chapel of the Apparitions, manufactured by the Leitão house in 1942.

This gold chain is highlighted by the turquoises and the charm engraved with the Precious Crown.

The turquoises are tied to the original crown’s turquoise-embedded blue orb commemorating of Our Lady’s coronation as Queen of Heaven.

The golden charm has an embossed Precious Crown which accompanies the image of Our Lady of Fátima on the anniversaries of the apparitions, every 13th of the month, from May to October.

The Precious Crown

In 1941, when Portugal was a neutral country, a group of Portuguese gave rise to an initiative which culminated in a national movement to manufacture a queen’s crown dedicated to Our Lady of Fátima. Jewellery, and nothing else, was requested to complete the crown directly with each person’s donations.

In 1942, using just the generously gifted gold, silver and precious stones, the Leitão house created and manufactured the Crown of Our Lady of Fátima at no charge, now the most noteworthy piece of Portuguese jewellery of the 20th century.

Since ancient times, turquoise, or “Turkish stone”, has been considered a protective stone. One can associate this blue stone with Our Lady, the protector of humanity and its interceder before God. In this case, the colour blue symbolizes heaven.

Technical specifications:

Chain of turquoises
Weight in gold 800/1000 10g*
Turquoises sized Ø4mm 8 ea.

*Approximate weight and dimensions