Cross of the Rosary of Light. Gold and silver

Price: USD 590

Marking the celebration of the 25-year Pontificate of His Holiness Pope John Paul II and the closing of the Year of the Rosary, the Leitão house was invited to create a rosary dedicated to the recently introduced luminous mysteries.

Inspired by this rosary, the Cross of the Rosary of Light, just like the original, is made of gold and silver.

The golden crown of thorns is different from the one on the Rosary of Light: it has been redesigned so that the cross can be worn as a personal adornment.

Technical specifications:

Cross of the Rosary of Light
Weight in silver 925/1000 10g*
Weight in gold 800/1000 1,2g*
Cross: 26 x 38 mm *

*Approximate weight and dimensions