Decade Rosary of Light. Gold, silver and rock crystal

Price: USD 440

Marking the celebration of the 25-year Pontificate of His Holiness Pope John Paul II and the closing of the Year of the Rosary, the Leitão house was invited to create a rosary inspired by the recently introduced luminous mysteries, as a gift to the Holy Father.

Based on the same concept of the rosary, the Rosary Beads of Light are made of silver, gold and rock crystal, just like the original rosary.

The Hail Marys, represented by beads in rock crystal, commemorate the mysteries of light.

The Our Father has an embossed orbital ring, engraved with the phrase “Our Father, Who art in Heaven”.

The cross features symbols of the Passion. Crown of thorns in gold, with nails in silver.

On the cross, the crown of thorns and the nails, abandoned, evoke eternity.
The Our Father bead’s protruding ring takes us away to the universe beyond.

Technical specifications:

Decade Rosary of the Light
Weight in silver 925/1000 5g*
Weight in gold 800/1000 2g*
Weight in silver 999,9/1000 2,5g*
10 rock crystal beads sized Ø8mm*
Length: 16 cm *
Our Father: Ø 9 mm *
Hail Marys: Ø 8 mm *
Cross: 14 x 18 mm *

*Approximate weight and dimensions