Medal and chain of the Precious Crown. Gold, diamond and turquoises

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The “Precious Crown of Our of Lady Fátima” medal and chain set celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Fátima phenomenon, where the Leitão house has had the privilege of participating from early on.

In 1941, when Portugal was a neutral country, a group of Portuguese parents whose children had not died in the war started a movement which culminated in a national crusade to manufacture a queen’s crown for Our Lady of Fátima. Jewellery was requested instead of money to complete the crown directly with each person’s donations.

Using only the generously gifted gold, silver and precious stones, the Leitão house made the Crown of Our Lady of Fátima at no charge, called the most noteworthy piece of Portuguese jewellery of the 20th century.

The Precious Crown, reserved for major celebrations only, features gold, cut diamonds and turquoises, carefully selected precious materials for the medal and chain, where the crown manufactured in 1942 is carved.

Leitão & Irmão now has the opportunity to take part in the 100th anniversary, celebrated on five continents, in the many hundreds of places dedicated to Fátima around the entire world, giving a cultural dimension to this phenomenon.

Twelve jewellers and goldsmiths worked on the crown for three months, for a total of around 6,500 working hours.

2,992 precious stones were embedded following a design created by the Leitão house, featuring eight golden half-arches, the heraldic symbol of a queen’s crown.

Technical specifications:

Medal of the Precious Crown of Our Lady of Fátima
Weight in gold 800/1000 10g*
VS, G-H diamonds with a weight of 0.50 ct* 34 ea.
Chain with Precious Crown charm and turquoises
Weight in gold 800/1000 10g*
Turquoises – Ø 4 mm, 3 ct* 8 ea.

*Approximate weight and dimensions