Medal of the New Millennium with the image of Our Lady. Silver

Price: USD 440

The medal of the New Millennium comes from the rosary with the same name, and is made of silver, carefully polished by hand.
The image of Our Lady is delicately reproduced in profile.
In this likeness, Our Lady takes on a protective position of one who cares and looks out for us.
This “us” can be engraved as a name or date in the medal’s blank space where the gaze of Our Lady falls.
The medal also has a chain with an holmoak leaf charm representing the tree above which the little shepherds saw Our Lady in Fátima.

The medal shows the image of Our Lady from the Chapel of the Apparitions, in Fátima, with the Precious Crown.
12 jewellers and goldsmiths worked on the original crown for three months, for a total of around 6,500 working hours.
2,992 precious stones were embedded following a design created by the Leitão house, featuring eight golden half-arches under a blue orb, commemorating the Queen of Heaven.

Technical specifications:

Medal of the New Millennium with the image of Our Lady
Weight in silver 925/1000 7,5g*
Chain of the holmoak.
Weight in gold 800/1000 7,5g*
Medal: 22 x 26 mm *
Chain: 65 cm *
Charm: 6 x 13 mm *

*Approximate weight and dimensions