Rosary of the New Millennium. Gold and rock crystal

Price: USD 4490

Launched on Fátima’s 100th anniversary and the canonization of Pope John Paul II, the rosary of the New Millennium, in gold and rock crystal, represents the four sets of mysteries commemorating the rosary’s new composition.

Hail Marys
Beads in rock crystal, a particularly shiny natural stone, commemorate the luminous mysteries introduced by Pope John Paul in 2002.
(Rosarium Virginis Mariae apostolic letter, 16th Oct. 2002)

Our Fathers (between the medal)
Symbolize the passage to each of the four sets of mysteries comprising the entire rosary.

misterios_gozososJoyful Mysteries
Angel’s wings: symbolize the annunciation of the angel, one of the five joyful mysteries.


misterios_luminososLuminous Mysteries
Water: symbolizes the baptism of Jesus, one of the five luminous mysteries.


misterios_dolorososSorrowful Mysteries
Crown of thorns: symbolizes the coronation with the crown of thorns, one of the five sorrowful mysteries.


misterios_gloriososGlorious Mysteries
Star: symbolizes the descent of the Holy Spirit, one of the five glorious mysteries.

Medal – Front
Crowned image of Our Lady of Fátima in the chapel of the apparitions.

Medal – Back
Coat of arms of Pope John Paul II.
*Image – José F. Thedim – 1920
*Crown – Leitão & Irmão – 1942


chaves_reino_ceus_chavesdepedroOur Father (between medal and cross) – The keys to heaven and earth.
«”…I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.» (Matthew 18:19)


salve_rainhaHail Holy Queen (before cross)
Pearls representing the eight half-arches with pearls of the queen’s crown of Our Lady of Fátima.


Inspired by the cross of the crosier of Pope John Paul II.

Hyaline quartz, commonly known as rock crystal, is a natural stone of particular luminosity used in jewellery-making since ancient times.

In this case, rock crystal’s unusual, one-of-a-kind luminosity commemorates the new cycle of mysteries introduced to the rosary by Pope John Paul II in 2002.

Technical specifications:

Our Fathers, medal, Hail Holy Queen, cross and chain
Weight in gold 800/1000 30g*
Hail Marys in rock crystal
53 beads sized Ø 6 mm*. Weight of each bead 1,5ct*
Length: 43 cm *
Medal: 19 x 23 mm *
Our Father: Ø 8 mm *
Hail Marys: Ø 6 mm *
Cross: 20 x 36 mm *

*Approximate weight and dimensions